Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Buddy laying in the sun. Photo by Suna

Buddy looks so happy here laying among the flowers. He is really doing well, and all of the dogs seem to get along—at least, most of the time. They have their little dominance games to play, but I think Rose is winning that one. She masses more than anyone except Buddy, and she is more assertive. Buddy has always been fairly laid back. Rose still has her stripes to earn.

So Buddy likes taking it easy in the sunshine. The stairs seem to be doing his some good, now that he has mastered them. He is trimmer, although I think a little heavier. But they tell me—you know, them—that muscle weighs more than fat, so I am not worried about him. He plays hard. Then he rests.

Mostly, he keeps to himself except when he is enjoying the company of all the humans around here. He really likes the kids and many of their friends. When he barks at them, they sound almost bored when they say, “Shut up, Buddy. It’s just me.” They he goes, “So why aren’t you petting me?” And they respond, “Rose is cuter.”

Buddy is very much like me—easy to get along with but a little crotchety it his late-middle-age. Notice how skillfully I avoided saying, “old age?”

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Suna said...

You trickster. That one is much more like your current self! I'll print a copy for the office!

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