Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday in Progress

King of Wands
Today’s Card
King of Wands. Earns respect and willing compliance and carries authority naturally. Instills confidence and has the courage of his or her convictions
Today’s Hexagram
I (Providing Nourishment):. We must look at what we are seeking to nourish and, by the exercise of our thoughts, seek for the proper aliment. In the forefront, Sun (Wind) is transforming into Ken (Mountain). Penetration and following are giving way to stillness and obstruction. In the background, joy, pleasure, and attraction are giving way to movement, initiative, and action.

Wands over pentacles for sure today. Neither my paycheck nor my wire transfer has processed yet. So I am running on empty in the capital department. Not very productive at work today either. But it was a good day to see friends and talk. Tomorrow’s for church. I haven’t been in years.

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