Sunday, December 03, 2006

Songs of Distant Earth

When we came to the station all the trains were rusty
The air was empty and the platforms overgrown
There were old tin cans and cats and the doors were crusted
With mud and leaves and names carved long ago
and the rails go on forever in a silver trail to the setting sun
You can follow them anywhere you want to go
- Al Stewart
The Five of Swords
Today’s Card
Five of Swords. Thinking of your own needs. Concentrating on yourself while in a hostile environment. Experiencing conflict. [duh!]
Today’s Hexagram
Chun (Difficulty at the Beginning). Advantage lies in being firm and correct. Great progress after a difficult start. Uncertainty and danger (water) are in the forefront with motion and initiative (thunder) underlying.

Rose has forgiven me for taking her to the vet. She even growled at me while we played this morning. Soon she will be barking! Oh, joy. She is 10 weeks old and already weighs more than 12 pounds, so her bark will probably sound like thunder.

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