Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Today’s Card
Strength. Knowing you can endure. Refusing to get angry and trying to understand what others are feeling. Being kind. Tempering force with benevolence and demonstrating the strength of love.
Today’s Hexagram
Heng (Duration). Continued progress with no error indicated. No changing lines indicate a continuation of things as they are. Movement and initiative Chen (Thunder) are in the forefront, backed by Sun (Wind), which represents penetration and following.
Yin and Yang Spread

Yin and Yang

  1. The Hierophant
  2. Knight of Swords
  3. Nine of Swords
  4. Five of Pentacles
  5. Four of Wands
  6. The Fool
  7. Three of Wands
  8. King of Pentacles
  9. King of Cups
  10. The Lovers
  11. Four of Swords
  12. Nine of Cups

Found the perfect gift for Dad, the man who needs nothing. I found him a daily ca lander of cross word puzzles. He turned off his Internet access when he couldn’t find a crossword puzzle he could run on a 19.2K connection. So now he will have one for every day of the next year.

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Suna said...

what does each position mean? The slow twin needs to know.

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