Friday, December 15, 2006

The Perfect Storm

Some things turn out all wrong
And some things turn out all right
Some things don't turn out at all
But then again they might
- Joe Walsh
Today’s Card
The Hierophant
The Hierophant. Getting an education. Dealing with the Establishment and other people’s expectations. I am coming to view it as the consequences card for not being able to stay within the bounds of convention.

It was a helluva day. Big Mistake yesterday lead to Huge Consequences today. S2 found an email from EW and attacked me thru her. It was horrible and caused great pain, but it was done from pain. Hopefully, it will be cathartic.

I think that the therapist we are seeing is more interested in milking the insurance than in helping us cope with the issues. We spent today’s session on a misguided talk about our grandparents rather than working on issues. I know therapy isn’t fast but this approach serves no purpose.

Later S2 and I talked and started coming to terms with the division of property.

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