Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No Night Without Stars

The snow is a-lying up on Bewcastle Fells
And the wind strips the skin from my face
The bare bones of a tree give some shelter to me
Our bit is a draughty old place
Oh yes, it’s a draughty old place
- Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp
The Wheel of Fortune
Today’s Card
Wheel of Fortune. Sensing the action of Fate. Changing, having the tempo of life speed up, and being swept up in new developments. Mostly, rejoining the world of activity.
Today’s Hexagram
Wu Wang (The Unexpected). While great progress is indicated, it is not advantageous to move in any direction if you start making mistakes.

The World was really an appropriate card for me today. The pace of life has sped up beyond all expectations, and it seems that the future is in the hands of Fate. I am awaiting the outcome of decisions that are beyond my control at the moment and praying for the best. May the pain heal quickly. May the world settle into its new patterns with as little destruction as possible.

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