Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Hot, Dry Saturday in August

The kids use a grid like this to play. When I was a kid, we had to draw our own grids on graph paper and the DM never commented about the accuracy of what we drew.

I’m taking a break to cool off and write this short update. Suna is on sabbatical with some of her friends this weekend, but I’m holding down the home front.

Mr. Stripey is gone. I ripped him out of the ground and ran over him with the mulching mower. Mostly, he is now part of my compost pile. The good news is that I now have room to plant a couple of fall tomatoes, and the unnamed variety that Suna bought now has a fruit. That little ’mater signed Mr. Stripey’s death warrant.

One of the New Guinea Impatiens I transplanted to the front yard has also returned to the earth. About a week ago, it just started dying back. I cut the affected stalk off, but the others soon followed and left a gaping hole. I haven’t got a clue why. The others in the bed are all very happy.

Not much else is going on. TubaBoy brought over a bunch of male friends, and they played D&D late into the night. They were not overly boisterous, but they did make enough noise to let me know they were having fun. Mostly, I tried to stay out of their way and let them have fun. Maybe sometime they will let me play, too. I really enjoyed that game when I was their age, but I stopped playing when I couldn’t find anyone who was interested.

Oh, and I’m putting up some shelves in the guestroom closet. I can get some of my books out of boxes that way. Let’s hope we get some rain tonight. I’ve been doing my part: leaving car windows open and watering the lawn when it clouds up, but still no measurable rain.

18 August Update: The kids played again last night. I was able to update the picture to reflect their actual game area. Sigh! I guess I’m getting too old to really want to stay up all hours of the night to play. They didn’t get started until after Suna and I had gone to bed, old fuddies that we are.


Tina said...

If they let you play, you all should invite me. :) I never got a chance to learn (didn't really know anyone that played) and always wanted to. Hell, Jared would probably be interested in learning, too.

Suna said...

Maybe y'all could have an adult D&D game.

Also, the tomato in the ground that you left is a patio tomato.The small ones with small "cherry tomato" kind of product.

Dragonfly said...

I'm sorry but Suna's comment about the "adult" D&D game made me giggle in a totally immature fashion.

I've got friends who play D&D and other RPG's on a regular basis. I used to play too but I haven't participated in several years now. While I enjoy the play and having the story unfold with all our oddities, the mechanics of the game are always a little away from me since I don't study/live/breathe it the way they do. But they were always gracious enough to just guide me through my character creation, action rolls, etc making it an enjoyable experience.

Lee said...

Some of my friends once kept a game going by mail for a few rounds. It was interesting, but we eventually lost interest.

We always tended to think of the rules more as guidelines, to paraphrase Captain Sparrow. The important thing is to have fun and not worry too much about the mechanics. The new version automates much of the drudgery anyway.

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