Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Job Search Update

I feel like I’m jumping through hoops, but are they raising the bar?

Photo source: Bear’s Page

I had another interview with the Beatles’ label. This makes 12,464, and I’m still no closer to working for them. I don’t know if the hiring manager is being really careful or simply has trouble making a decision. But I’ll keep going in to talk until they stop asking or I find something else equally as interesting.

That last bit is seeming more remote. As days go by, more people I know are entering the market, and the offerings are getting leaner. The only new ad in the Education section today that wasn’t for day care was for a research director for the state higher education board—Ph.D. and loads of academic research credentials required.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. That’s my dad’s favorite saying: “We’ll see.” And, in deed, we will.

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