Monday, August 04, 2008

Open Mic Night Out

Gaining Confidence
Phone photo by: Suna

We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Suna encouraged me to participate in the open mic night at BB Rover’s last night after Trey Bone played. When we got there, I realized I had forgotten my guitar. Not getting off the hook that easy, TubaBoy brought it to me after he got off work.

Trey Bone’s performance was not our best. Bill had Buster (at least one of the Bs in the restaurant name)roll all the treble off his guitar. This lead to a bass-y sound that never got fixed all night. Everytime I hit a note, it caused Bill’s guitar to feedback. Other than that, we did OK. A few missed notes, but nothing fatal.

I was the next-to-the-last performer because I didn’t sign up until after my guitar arrived. That meant almost all of our friends had already given up—probably a good thing. It took the entire first song to get used to the mic, which was set too hot and too close. (I was sitting down and had trouble moving away from it.) I was able to move it after the first song, and make enough adjustments myself to get through the second and third, which were actually a medley.

Suna says I did OK. All I know is that I was really nervous, which caused me to play the first one too fast. I was able to slow down the second one enough to get by and got the tempo right during the seque to the third song. I noticed a really good guitar playing nodding while I played the third one. So I guess what I need is to do this more often.

So what I am really grateful for today is Suna. She encourages me, supports me, and tells me I do well. She knows my bluster covers a timid ego and takes care of me.

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Suna said...

You bet, honey pie. I am proud that you took that step.

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