Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slayer Tarot Ressurection?

More cards from the [resurrected?] Slayer Tarot
Photo source: Entertainment Earth

Those of us who occasionally (or frequently or as often as possible) visit the Buffyverse, know that it is not uncommon for Buffy Summers to resurrect. She has come back from the dead on at least two separate occasions.

I reported earlier that the Slayer Tarot, a deck designed for use by slayers in the Buffyverse and mystically transported to our world (where Buffy may be a mental patient straitjacketed in an asylum somewhere in sunny California), had been slain. Like Mark Twain’s, reports of the death of the slayer tarot may have been exaggerated. Unlike Twain’s, one can hope they will prove more than just premature.

Some random browsing today revealed that Entertainment Earth is offering the deck for September release. Thing from Another World originally offered it for August release but pulled the offering for “reasons beyond our control.” The deck has not been relisted on the the TfAW site.

EE also published a picture of a few additional cards (copied here). The images are true to the Buffyverse and to the concept that the cards are intended to be used by Slayers, as described by Comic Book Resources. Here’s how that site quotes designer and Tarot writer Rachel Pollack:

“The idea is it’s a tarot deck created for (use by) slayers in their task and for their allies in struggling against the vampires and the demons,” Pollack said. “So we’ve constructed a whole kind of world for this in which it’s not simply characters from the story, it’s actually cards that those characters actually use. There are characters, and some of the cards represent particular moments in the story.” The Lovers card, for instance, is Buffy and Angel.

Even though I wonder how a professional writer can use the word “actually” so many times in one sentence, I placed an order today with Entertainment Earth. I will let you know if I get the deck or if this order is also slain.

12 November 2008 Update: It was a false hope. The EE order was canceled today.

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Those are beautiful pictures! I just started watching the series over from the beginning since someone lent me the whole thing. While I do own several books, I don't own any of the dvds

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