Monday, August 11, 2008

Song Played Blues

I get a chance to “rock out” on the blues at church.

Camera Photo by: Suna

But when you take the blues and make a song,
You sing them out again.
—Neil Diamond

Just a quick mention here about church. Joe, Scott, and I played a ’12 bar blues” piece for the postlude. This came after a sermon from one of our lay leaders that ran the gamut among uplifting, humorous, and soporific. I always enjoy playing the blues, and I got to play lead guitar—something I enjoy and am competent at, but at which I do not really excel.

I had considered taking an electric and a small amp to make my solo grittier, but I decided at the last moment that it was too much work. Still, I enjoy playing at church and am grateful to Joe and Scott for asking me to join in. When I get a chance to play music, all the other problems go away for a little while. It’ts almost a “Zen thing.”

In other news, the roses in the ground are all growing and are either blooming or getting ready to bloom. That is really good since we bought them at half-price and planted them so late in the season.

The hanging roses are not as happy. They initially put on a bunch of new growth, but now they are neither growing nor blooming. At least they don’t seem to be dying back. Maybe they just don’t bloom this time of year. They appear to be more “antique” varieties, some of which only bloom at certain times of year.

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