Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eight Assertions for 08/08/08 @ 08:08

In Dramaclouds, Mother Nature isn’t even mildly perturbed, and she’s scary enough. Still, some rain would be welcome.

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With Friday’s Feast still in famine mode, Suna created a meme in honor of the Summer Olympics. It simply lists eight random assertions for 8/8/08. Ideally, I guess I should post it at 08:08, which I have done so (even though I’m actually writing this a couple of days later—Ha!).

  1. You can prove anything through numerology if you work hard enough.
  2. Books are great friends, but uncomfortable sleeping companions.
  3. “I thought that music matters, but that’s bullocks! Music doesn’t matter, not like people matter.”
  4. We all learn differently. We all have different skills, goals, and aspirations. Why do schools insist on reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator?
  5. All of the problems in the world today can be traced directly back to overpopulation, but the real problem is deciding who has to go.
  6. If we don’t deal with overpopulation on our own through birth control, Nature will, and She doesn’t resolve problems kindly.
  7. Starvation, epidemic, and ecological collapse will eventually restore balance in Nature. That doesn’t mean humans will survive the process.
  8. I don’t wanna play this game any more. Waaaa! But I’ll give bonus points to the first person to cite the quote in #3.


Tina said...

I had to look it up, but only because I knew the quote, just couldn't remember where from (so it's not *technically* cheating) - it's from Brassed Off.

I watched it in my early days of working in a video store (Blockbuster, around 2001), when some girlfriends and I had a Ewan McGregor-fest. (Yes, we were shallow.)

Dragonfly said...

#4 is a pet peeve of mine and all I can say so far is that my son is probably lucky he got me for a mother because I can convert most things into a format that works for him. (example... memorizing definitions is awful for him... turning them into images to remember and describe works great) I just hope what he learns from me now, helps him as he moves forward in life.

Lee said...

I’m even shallower, Tina. I got it from “Tubthumpin’” by Chubbawumba [sp?].

Dragonfly, you son is lucky that we seem to be moving into a more visual age. His learning style should be more of a strength than it would have been in the last 500 years.

Suna said...

I had no idea on the quote. But I sure do agree with Dragonfly.

Dragonfly said...

between the move to a more visual age and the fact that he seems to have a good emotional intelligence, I think he will be in a good place as an adult. It's these years of school I need to get him through first that are going to kill me *grin*

I had no idea on the quote

Lee said...

Somehow, the rest of that song seems appropriate. “I get knocked down, but I get up again. No body’s gonna keep me down.” Maybe not so much the drinking parts of the song.

Tina said...

Wow, I never realized it was in that song, but I haven't heard it in forever. Plus, I remember movies better than I remember songs.

Lee said...

Yeah, it’s in the intro—probably sampled from the movie you cited.

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